What two main ad formats can be used in a google ads display campaign?

I know google ads can sometimes be challenging as it requires constant learning.

With the reach of GDN( Google Display Network) and less cost compared to search ads, Display ads are sometimes an excellent option for many businesses.

Assuming that you are aware of google display advertising so now comes the question.

What two main ad formats can be used in a google ads display campaign?

There are two primary ads format in Google display campaigns.

  • Responsive display ads
  • Uploaded ads

Let’s discuss each one to get you more clarity.

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Responsive Display ads

Responsive display ads is the default ad format used in both standard and smart display campaigns. 

You only have to provide assets like logo, headline, descriptions, images and videos. Google will then automatically create your ad copy. 

Do you know the best part about this? These ads will be compatible or optimized across all the websites in the GDN.

key benefits of responsive display ads

  • It saves time ( I mean a lot)
  • Optimized for all the websites across GDN.
  • Easy to create with minimalistic design knowledge.
  • Broader reach.

Uploaded ads

Uploaded ads give you the freedom to create and design your own ads copy. Hence, providing you greater control over your ad copy. These ads will be made outside the google ad account and then uploaded to the system.

If you think you possess the designer mindset, this ad format is a perfect match for you. However, to showcase your ad to a broader audience across the GDN, you have to create and design an advertisement for various sizes and dimensions.

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Uploaded ads classified into three types.

Image ads

Create your Image ads with canva, crello, photoshop etc. and upload them into the google ads account. 

Keep in mind the format, dimensions and sizing of your image ad copy.




Max image size

150 kb

Dimensions: Read More


These ad creatives are created using AMP HTML outside google.

Its faster load time, small size and quick response make it a perfect match for mobile devices.

Two ways of creating AMP HTML ads

  1. Google web designer.
  2. Hand code the ad creative using google set guidelines.

learn more about guidelines: 

HTML5 ads

To use this ad type, you have to get access of HTML5 ads in a google ad account. But to do that, you have to meet specific requirements.

  • The account has been open for more than 90 days.
  • Account has more than USD 9,000 total lifetime spend.
  • Account has a good history of policy compliance.

If in case, HTML5 is not available in your google ads account. You can apply for access by submitting the form below.

Application Form

An application would take around seven days for approval.

Note: To use this ad format, make sure you do not violate google set guidelines.


With the advancement in AI technologies, google is more inclined towards responsive display ads. Therefore, they make their ad platform easy to use and attract a wide range of audiences (non-technical also). However, at the same time, Google provides you with various options to get you more control over your ad copies considering you are technically sound. 

Being a non-technical person, you can always go towards responsive ads as they showed proven results over the past.

I hope you found this helpful article.

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