Are Google ads not showing but eligible?

google ads not showing

Is your google ads not showing up even if the status of your google ads campaign showing ” eligible”?

Are you getting zero impressions and zero views even if your campaign got approved a long while ago?

I was facing the same issue when I just started with Google Adwords. Just like every beginner, I was exhausted watching youtube video fixes, blog articles and none of them gave a clear answer.

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Finally, I did some experiments of my home, felt like Edison a bit, hehe just kidding. But in the end, I got the fix for this issue.

In this article, I would tell 3 major reasons that restrict your google ads from showing to your audiences and also results in zero impression and zero views for a long time.

Moreover, I will also tell you some additional settings or targeting that you need to take care of while running your google ad campaigns.

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Numerous settings might be taken into consideration to run google ads successfully.

What might work for one will might not work for the other. So down below are the basic settings that you might need to cross-check, once ready with your google ads.

Let’s start then,


One of the most common reasons for google ads not getting the views or impressions is location targeting. Sometimes, in search of relevancy, we go too narrow while selecting the location.
Try taking the broader approach, you will start seeing the results.
Every region has its pricing attach to it. CPC, you getting for location is Delhi might not be the same for location Bihar.

CPV according to locations in Google ads

Pro tip: Try increasing the targeting location step by step and then see if your ads generate impressions or not.

For instance, Initial target location: Delhi

After changing the location: Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Networks and Language

The basic settings that often ignored by most ppc experts. The basic mindset behind this is broadning our targeting.

Google search partners settings in google ads

Try including the Google search partners to target a wider range of people. Providing Google more options to display your ads.

Another setting often ignored is ” Language targeting”

For instance, if you are targeting HINDI speaking people in the USA. Understandably, Google will find it difficult to find those people on Google platforms.

So try targeting the people keeping location and language in sync.


This is where most people get it wrong. In search of relevancy, they end up selecting an audience that is too narrow.

To be specific, this issue arises while creating a custom audience.

custom audiences in adwords

While creating your audiences, keep in check of “WEEKLY IMPRESSIONS” on the right side. Make sure the numbers are large enough to cultivate impressions for you. Try putting a bit shorter tail keyword or links of reputed websites or apps, google gets the required data to run your ads successfully.

Secondly. Keep an eye on your remarketing audience list. As a newbie, you will often fall into this pitfall. Let me clear one important thing here. To show your ads to your remarketing lists, Google needs enough data ( generated from your past google ads campaign or website visits or app visits or channel views etc.)

Remarketing audiences in google ads

Here is the screenshot of a new account. looking closely, you will find the size of your audiences coming from respective channels and a line is written underneath those ” TOO SMALL TO SERVE”

This size should be at least 1000 interaction to get you impressions and clicks, as said by Google technical support.


Budget plays a prominent role in your Google ads. Moreover, It depends upon the type of niche you are in. Setting up the right budget helps you to get your desired results. Let me explain, suppose you are in a highly competitive niche ( Digital Marketing Course).

CPC of keyword digital marketing course

Here were the stats of that particular keyword.

CPC: $25

Now if you set the budget anywhere below $25. Do you think Google will be able to get your impressions on the ad? I guess not.

So make sure your daily budget is google enough to get you clicks.

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Bidding Strategy

I find this point the most important of the all. Do you know why?

Almost 90% of the newcomers makes this error. They choose a wrong bidding strategy.

types of bid strategy in google AdWords

Let me give you a tip: While starting new, do not go for MAX “CONVERSIONS”.

The reason behind this is, when your account does not have enough past data, Google AI find it difficult to target the relevant audience. You will often see the ad status as” E-LEARNING”.

Instead, Go for max clicks. Trust me, your ad will start running.

Once you got a decent number of conversions in your ad account( minimum 100). Then you can select the max conversion option.


Finding the right keyword can sometimes prove to be an uphill task. Sometimes, we get to find keywords with high search volumes but with high CPC also or we get low CPC keyword but volume is also low.

Balancing between both is what we constantly do. But here the scenario is different. While targeting the relevant audience, we do not find google with enough keywords to work up or to save cost, we don’t target high volume keywords.

Guess what?

google ads not showing

This is what we often see.

This usually comes from one of the following

  • Targeting long-tail keywords.
  • Choosing a phrase match or exact match type.
  • Selecting low search keywords.

Providing several keywords to Google to work upon, targeting broader match type or a bit short tail keywords can do the needful for you.

Final Verdict

Till now, you probably know about all the thing that might be restricting your google ads to show up. But here is the method to resolve this issue.

You have to start step by step. What that means is, you don’t have to make the changes at one go. Instead, try making minor changes and check if your Google ads generate interactions. For instance, increase your bid consistently or keep on broadening your keywords or location until you find the sweet spot where your ads start working.

In this way, you will create an optimized ad and end up paying much lesser.

So that’s it for now. Hope you find the article valuable.

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